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19B's Boiler Club

Join our Boiler Club
With your help we can raise £80,000 to finish the new boiler for 19B

We’ve established a Boiler Club to fund the construction of a new boiler for 19B. Join the Boiler Club for £500.00 or four instalments of £125.00 - your contributions will ensure 19B remains operational and well-maintained for the next decade.

With your support, we acquired this beautiful blue locomotive from the late Adrian Shooter. It thrilled hundreds of visitors at its new home in Statfold Barn last year.


However, 19B is now undergoing a ten-year overhaul which we estimate will cost around £228,000, including contingencies. Statfold have generously offered £50,000 towards labour, and DTLT supporters have already contributed almost £100,000.


The chassis overhaul has been completed and paid for and we have contracted the Ffestiniog Railway Co. to design a new boiler.


We now need to raise almost £80,000 more to fund the boiler’s construction. We’re seeking grants of £30,000 and are turning to you to help us bridge the gap. Click on the image or button to download a Boiler Club Application Form.


Special benefits for Boiler Club Members

You’ll receive as a Member:

  • an invitation to travel behind 19B on her first day back in service.

  • as a Thank You we’ll be giving all who donate £500 or more a specially commissioned limited edition print by artist David Charlesworth.

  • Receive regular newsletters on our progress

  • Invitations to Supporters’ events at Statfold.

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