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Halfway to Heaven and Iron Sherpa

Terry Martin’s iconic books on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway have been out of print for several years now, and are only available from specialist second-hand dealers. Prices vary, but the cheapest we can see on the internet are as follows:

  • Halfway to Heaven £125

  • Iron Sherpa Vol 1 - £100

  • Iron Sherpa Vol 1 + 2 set - £465 

We have been lucky in that we have these mint condition second-hand books donated to us for the benefit of the DHRS and the 19B Trust.


If you would like to acquire any of these, please  send your best bid to Peter Jordan  or post to Lime Tree Lodge, Thorpe Road, Mattersey, Doncaster DN10 5ED by 15 December and we will do our best to get them to you for Christmas. All bids will have carriage at cost added to the bill. 

The reserve prices are: Halfway to Heaven is £110, Sherpa Vol 1 is £90, and the Sherpa 1 + 2 set is £400. We very much regret we cannot consider selling Volume 2 separately.

Other Books

We also have the following books for sale, all in perfect condition and we invite your offers:
The Darjeeling Mountain Railway – an original copy of the 1921 guide published by the DHR Company (250x190mm portrait, 106 pages)
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – a photographic profile 1962-1998, published in Australia, a VERY good photographic album. (A4 size landscape, 48 pages)
A guide to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway by Richard Wallace – the first guide ever published by the DHRS (A4 size landscape, 16 pages, plus card cover to commemorate the 2000 World Heritage celebrations).

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